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The Traffic Police Directorate is organized within the Police Directorate at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior. The activity of the police in connection with traffic safety on the roads is legally regulated, in accordance with the principles of a democratic society and the constitutionally guaranteed system of protection of freedoms and rights of citizens. In traffic safety, the police have a clearly defined function, determined by laws and other regulations.

The purpose of the work of the traffic police is the organized functioning of road traffic and the protection of citizens and material values ​​in the process of transportation. This is achieved through the application of safety measures and the implementation of preventive activities, with the support of a single database of vehicles, drivers, traffic violations and traffic accidents.

The traffic police monitors compliance with regulations related to road safety.

The work that the police perform in traffic safety towards different entities can be grouped into:

  • direct control and intervention regulation of traffic;
  • administrative affairs of traffic safety;
  • monitoring and improving traffic safety regulations;
  • processing and clarification of traffic violations and traffic accidents;
  • traffic-technical affairs of traffic safety;
  • preventive and propaganda activities of traffic safety;
  • business cooperation with entities dealing with traffic safety;
  • international cooperation and public relations affairs;
  • other traffic safety matters.

Due to the direct performance of work and the application of the authority of the traffic police, there are traffic police departments within the police administrations, which include traffic police offices.

Due to the complexity of traffic safety issues, traffic police offices have been established outside the headquarters of police administrations, while due to the specifics of traffic on highways in the Republic of Serbia, traffic police offices have been formed that perform their activities exclusively on highways and access roads. In the area of ​​municipalities where traffic problems are not significantly expressed, traffic safety activities are performed within the traffic sectors within the police stations of general jurisdiction.

At the Police Administration for the City of Belgrade, the organization of the traffic police is somewhat more complex, so that there are five traffic police branches within the Traffic Police Administration for the City of Belgrade. Four police stations control and regulate traffic in their area, within the territorial division of the city, while one station is narrowly specialized and performs investigations or securing the place of traffic accidents in the city of Belgrade.

The e-mail address of the Traffic Police Administration in the Police Directorate is
usp [at] mup [dot] gov [dot] rs

The Traffic Police Administration is headed by a chief, who has a deputy and four assistants.

The Traffic Police Directorate consists of:

  1. Traffic Control Department;
  2. Department of Traffic and Technical Affairs;
  3. Department for Traffic Accidents and Misdemeanors;
  4. Department for monitoring and improving the work of the traffic police.

The Traffic Control Department has:

  1. Department for traffic control and regulation and
  2. Department for special types of traffic control and traffic security.

The Department for Traffic and Technical Affairs has:

  1. Department for technical inspection of vehicles and temporary traffic signals and
  2. Department for training of candidates for drivers and supervision of entities that perform transport in road traffic.

The Department for Traffic Accidents and Misdemeanors has:

  1. Department for Traffic Accidents and
  2. Department for Traffic Misdemeanors and Misdemeanor Procedure.

The Department for Monitoring and Improving the Work of the Traffic Police has:

  1. Traffic Police Monitoring Department and
  2. Department for improvement of work and application of devices.

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