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The special anti-terrorist unit (SAJ) is an organizational unit within the Police Directorate, Ministry of the Interior.

The Special Anti-Terrorist Unit is a modern, highly professional anti-terrorist police unit, narrowly specialized and equipped with the most modern specialist equipment, intended for performing complex and high-risk tasks of security and protection of the Republic of Serbia and its citizens. This primarily refers to the fight against terrorism at the tactical level, as well as to providing assistance to the Criminal Police Directorate and other organizational units of the Ministry of the Interior in depriving members of organized criminal groups, especially in situations where resistance to firearms is expected.

The experience gained over decades and the training program modeled on the world's anti-terrorist units, have created an extremely trained, highly mobile and modernly equipped operational unit, trained and ready to solve the most difficult situations.

It is intended to perform the following high-risk tasks, in accordance with legal regulations and authorities:

  • planning and execution of the most complex security tasks in the fight against terrorism,
  • interventions in case of hostage situations,
  • interventions in case of hijacking and other crisis situations in aircraft,
  • interventions in cases of barricading and resistance to firearms,
  • deprivation of liberty of members of organized criminal groups in cooperation with other organizational units of the Ministry of the Interior,
  • securing persons and facilities which, according to the assessment of the competent state bodies, are endangered by security.

Only authorized officials of the Ministry of the Interior are admitted to the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, who meet the following conditions:

  • Minimum 2 years of work as a police officer in the field.
  • Least average results in work (lowest grade 3).
  • Upper age limit - 28 years.

Candidates must successfully meet the following criteria:

  • Pass the test of psycho-physical abilities.
  • They undergo a specialist medical examination.
  • Pass security check (not convicted and punished).
  • Complete selective training lasting one month.

The training program for SAJ members is arduous, complex and time-consuming. Its goal is to professionally train members, tactically train them, prepare them physically and psychologically for performing the most complex tasks.

The training system for SAJ members consists of:

  1. Selective training
  2. Basic anti-terrorist training.
  3. Higher anti-terrorist training.
  4. Regular training of finished forces.

In addition to the training that is realized in the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, some members are trained and trained in training centers and programs within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, training centers of the Serbian Army, as well as in programs and activities of international cooperation abroad.

The Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (SAJ) was formed on December 18, 1978, as part of the then Republic Secretariat for Internal Affairs, the Socialist Republic of Serbia. The original name was the Special Operations Militia Unit and was intended to perform the most complex security tasks, with a high degree of risk, which the regular militia was unable to solve.

Special Anti-Terrorist Unit Day is celebrated on December 18.

At the base of the SAJ, there is a memorial wall on which are engraved the names of 16 dead members, who lost their lives honorably and bravely performing their duties.

Participation in sports activities and competitions is an important segment of the overall life and work in the Unit and an integral part of physical education. Members of SAJ have so far won a handful of medals at sports competitions and events in the country and abroad, among which the following successes stand out:

Practical Shooting (IPSC): Competitors of the Club for Practical Shooting "DELTA" have been winning the titles of national champions in team and individual competition since 2000, they are members of the Serbian national team and participants in European and world championships. Ljubiša Momčilović - won 3rd place at the European Championship in Practical Shooting (IPSC) in Portugal in 2013 and in Hungary in 2016 and 5th place at the World Championships in Florida, USA, in 2014.

Within the KPS "DELTA", there is also a shooting section in the discipline of precision long-range rifle shooting (Long Range Shooting). The shooter from this section set a Balkan record in 2012 - at a distance of 500 m he achieved 199 rounds from a rifle he personally made.

Ultramarathon and endurance races: Jovica Spajic - ultramarathon race "Sahara Race", Egypt, 2012 - ran 250 km in 5 days; Icarus Florida Ultra Fest, USA, November 2014 - ran 683 km in 6 days; Badwater 135 race through Death Valley, California, USA, August 2015 - ran 217 kilometers in 29 hours.

Competition of special police units in cross-fit "SPARTA 300", Budapest, 2013 - 1st place individually, 4th place team, 2015 - 1st place individually, 3rd team; 2016 - 2nd place as a team, 2nd place individually.

Competition of special police units in practical shooting (IPSC), Zagreb, in the period 2011-2014 won 9 medals: two gold and one silver team; four gold and two bronze in the individual competition.

Jiu-Jitsu: won three gold and two bronze medals individually at the Balkan Championships, 5th place at the European Championships in Belgium in 2008 and 1st place as a team in the "Adriatic League" in 2014.


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