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Narcotics Department (IV Department)


Department for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and Suppression of Drug Smuggling

The Department for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and Suppression of Drug Smuggling (IV Department) was established at the end of 2013, within the Criminalistic Police Directorate, the Police Directorate, the Ministry of the Interior, as a key organizational unit that performs drug smuggling, drug abuse prevention and coordination of all activities aimed at combating drug abuse. drugs on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The IV Department consists of three departments, two in charge of repressive activities and one for preventive activities. In the Action Plan for Chapter 24, the IV Department has been identified as one of the bearers of the improvement of national anti-drug capacities within the Ministry of the Interior.


As it covers both the preventive and repressive side of the fight against narcotics, the IV Department, in addition to being authorized as a primary organizational unit to conduct proactive investigations to counter the illicit trafficking of all types of narcotics and precursors throughout the country, has a mandate to implement strategic projects that concerning the prevention of drug abuse.

The IV Department framework also covers the supervision of all narcotics-related investigations conducted by regional police departments (together with competent prosecutors), with a view to establishing and maintaining equivalent anti-narcotics practices and methodologies throughout the country, as well as to disseminate cases. best practices in the prevention of drug-related crime.

At the national level, the IV Department develops excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the Office of the Prosecutor, the Ministry of Health, the Office for Combating Drugs, the Customs Directorate, and other relevant institutions.

At the international level, the IV Department cooperates with numerous countries and organizations, including Interpol, Europol, Eurojust, UNODC, SELEC, ICITAP and others.


Finally, the IV Department is making efforts to improve the centralized and standardized system of record keeping and collection of statistical data from its scope of work.

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