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The Gendarmerie is a special police unit at the headquarters of the Police Directorate.

The gendarmerie is hired on the proposal of the head of the organizational unit, with the approval of the director of the police. Exceptionally, the Gendarmerie, when engaging in the use of one or more detachments in the maximum capacity, is engaged on the proposal of the head of the appropriate organizational unit with the previously obtained approval of the director of police and the consent of the Minister of Interior. The engagement proposal contains a security assessment and action plan.

Tasks of the Gendarmerie:

  • suppression of terrorism (collection and processing of operational knowledge, detection of terrorist acts and provision of material evidence, deprivation of liberty of perpetrators of criminal acts, intervention in the internal defense of the country in order to break up organized terrorist groups, preventive anti-terrorist activities);
  • deprivation of liberty of members of organized and other dangerous criminal groups and individuals in cooperation with other organizational units of the Ministry of the Interior;
  • establishing public order disturbed on a larger scale, suppression of riots in institutions for the execution of criminal sanctions;
  • security of facilities and persons (headquarters of foreign diplomatic and consular missions in the country as well as diplomatic and consular missions abroad, provision of facilities of vital security interest for the Republic of Serbia, special security of protected persons);
  • providing assistance in emergency situations - rescue service (in case of general danger, elimination of consequences caused by natural disasters);
  • providing assistance in case of accidents on water and land (road, railway and air traffic);
  • diving and nautical activities; providing assistance to other state bodies;
  • engagements abroad (in UN missions);
  • training and instructing members of security structures.

The internal organization and formation of the Gendarmerie has changed several times since its formation. Currently the Gendarmerie consists of:

  • Gendarmerie Command (headquarters in Belgrade).
  • Diving unit (headquarters in Belgrade), has a diving and nautical platoon.
  • Four detachments of the Gendarmerie: in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis and Kraljevo.

The Gendarmerie Detachment, in general, consists of:

  • Detachment Command.
  • Specialist unit (unit command, four anti-terrorist teams, one reconnaissance team, sniper team, service dog guide team and mine and explosives team).
  • Four general purpose units (unit command, three general purpose platoons and a fire support platoon).
  • Special vehicle unit (unit command, two platoons of special vehicles).
  • The detachment in Belgrade has a Unit, and the other detachments have one platoon each to secure the facilities.

Assessment of the security situation and security threats, as well as analysis of the use and engagement of police forces in the previous period, indicated the need for education of highly professional service composed of highly trained individuals within the police system that would be trained, trained and equipped for different ranges. police tasks to engagement that include the performance of actions, measures and actions of a military nature.

Respecting traditional values, gained experiences of different countries and their police systems, but also respecting the changed circumstances and tendencies in the development of the police in Serbia, on June 25, 2001, the Gendarmerie was formed within the Public Security Department as a new, professional, mobile maneuver unit. will be engaged in cases of emergencies in the field of public safety.

The then Government of the FRY legitimized the Gendarmerie as an organizational unit of the Ministry of the Interior, whose scope of work includes activities related to the organization and execution of the most complex tasks in the field of defense against terrorism.

In 2005, the Law on Police was passed, which abolished the former Department of Public Safety, and instead the Police Directorate was formed, in whose headquarters, among other organizational units, was the Gendarmerie.


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