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The Border Police Directorate, as an organizational unit of the Police Directorate at the seat of the Ministry, is unique, centralized and hierarchically organized at the central, regional and local levels.

Organizational structure

The Border Police Directorate has the following organizational units:

1. Border service consisting of:

  • Border Control Department.
  • Department for Border Surveillance and Administrative Procedure in Border Affairs.
  • Regional Center for Border Police towards Croatia - Novi Sad.
  • Regional Border Police Center towards Hungary - Subotica.
  • Regional Border Police Center for Romania - Vrsac.
  • Regional Center for Border Police towards Bulgaria - Dimitrovgrad.
  • Regional Center of Border Police towards Macedonia - Presevo.
  • Regional Border Police Center towards Montenegro - Priboj.
  • Regional Center of Border Police towards Bosnia and Herzegovina - Uzice.
  • Belgrade Border Police Station.
  • Nis Border Police Station - Airport.
  • Kraljevo Border Police Station,

2. Service for foreigners consisting of:

  • Department for Foreigners and
  • Department for reception and accommodation of foreigners.

3. Operations Center.
4. Department for Cross-Border Cooperation and Operational Affairs.
5. Asylum Office.
6. Risk Analysis Department.
7. Department for the Suppression of Cross-Border Crime.
8. Unit for implementation of compensatory measures.
9. Department of Professional Standards and Police Skills.
10. Operational Support and Equipment Department.

In accordance with the needs related to the strengthening and further improvement of police cooperation with all countries in the immediate vicinity, this Directorate carries out activities for the establishment and functioning of joint contact services (centers/offices) based on the Convention on Police Cooperation in Southeast Europe (Vienna 2006) or bilateral agreements on police co-operation.

So far, joint contact services (centers/offices) have been established with neighboring countries, as follows:

  • towards Macedonia - joint contact center Tabanovce - Preševo,
  • towards Bulgaria - joint contact center Kalotina - Gradina,
  • towards Hungary - joint contact center of Reska - Horgos,
  • towards Croatia - joint contact service Bajakovo - Batrovci,
  • towards Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro - trilateral joint contact center Trebinje,
  • towards Romania - joint contact office Portile de Fier 1 - Djerdap 1.

The Border Police Directorate ensures daily work connection and full coordination with regional centers and border police stations in the field, as well as other lines of work within the Ministry of the Interior and other state bodies and institutions, performing tasks: state border control, border checks, raising security levels. at airports and international waterways on the Danube, Tisza and Sava rivers; combating cross-border crime; risk analysis; controls on the movement and stay of foreigners; combating trafficking in human beings; asylum; legality control in work and logistics.

The Border Police Directorate, in accordance with the Law on Police and on the basis of international agreements, performs international cooperation, participates in the preparation of regulations, analyzes, reports and information for the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia and other bodies and organizations.


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