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Juvenile Delinquency Unit


Juvenile Delinquency Unit of Police Station Rakovica

In accordance with the Law on Juvenile Delinquents and Criminal Protection of Juveniles and the Law on Police, police powers against a juvenile in the capacity of a perpetrator of a criminal offense or misdemeanor and in the capacity of injured party are applied by all authorized officials, except in cases of pre-trial proceedings. collecting information in the capacity of citizens and questioning juveniles in the capacity of suspects), when authorized officials (with certificates) who have acquired special knowledge in the field of children's rights, juvenile delinquency and protection of minors in criminal proceedings are obliged to act.

Currently in the Republic of Serbia, there are over 1800 police officers for juveniles with certificates, who perform their duties in civilian clothes and uniforms.

Organization of Criminalistic Police in Juvenile Delinquency

Organization of criminalistic police in the field of suppression of juvenile crime and protection of juveniles in criminal proceedings.

At the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, within the Crime Suppression Service of the Criminal Police Directorate, a special organizational unit has been established since 2006 - the Department for Prevention and Suppression of Juvenile Delinquency, which is responsible for monitoring and analyzing the dynamics of juvenile delinquency. procedure, control and supervision activity and providing professional assistance in the application of police powers towards juveniles, improving the functioning of organizational units responsible for combating juvenile crime by prescribing uniform standards and procedures, as well as permanent professional training of police officers.


The Police Administration for the City of Belgrade has a Department for the Suppression of Juvenile Delinquency with two Departments (jobs divided into preventive activities and operational work with minors), as well as a Department for the Prevention of Drug Addiction in the Department for the Suppression of Drug Addiction.

In the Police Directorates in Novi Sad, Nis and Kragujevac, groups for the suppression of juvenile delinquency have been established, while in other police administrations the mentioned tasks are performed by at least one police officer of the criminal police.

The results of the research on the treatment of minors in the police administrations in Belgrade, Valjevo, Novi Sad, Novi Pazar and Krusevac were published in the publication "Report on the situation of juveniles' human rights in isolation institutions" issued by the Valjevo Human Rights Committee in 2011.

Source: MIS archive.


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