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Police Brigade - Ministry of Interior


Police Brigade Unit - City of Belgrade

The Police Brigade was founded after the Second World War in 1946 as the Cavalry Squadron of the militia, in order to change its name several times during its history. It has had nine commanders in its history. The Saint day of the unit is St. George's Day.

Today, the Police Brigade exists within the Police Administration for the City of Belgrade and has the status of a special unit. Performs tasks of ensuring public order and peace, preventing violence at sports events and other public gatherings.


Then provides assistance in executions as well as other high-risk tasks in the territory of the City of Belgrade such as:

  • endangering security and property on a larger scale,
  • performing operational and technical tasks and anti-sabotage protection,
  • resolving crisis situations caused by terrorist acts and mass killings (the so-called "AMOK" situation) in cooperation with special and other special police units.

A police brigade may also be engaged on the territory of other police administrations with the approval of the director of police.

The unit has always performed the most complex and risky tasks both in the capital itself and on the entire territory of the country, depending on the situation and needs. Thus, she took part in the demonstrations of the 1990s, on October 5th. The war actions of the 1990s did not bypass this unit where its members actively participated. The unit has always unconditionally and maximally professionally performed all the tasks that each state leadership set before it.


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