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Photo credits: Images by Ministry of Interior Serbia. "Border police", "Helicopter unit", "Gendarmerie", "Intervention Unit 92". This images are neither created nor endorsed by Ministry of Interior Serbia in any way. Ministry of Interior Serbia do not endorse me and/or my use of the work in any way.

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This is not offical website of Rakovica Police Department

Welcome to the Rakovica Police Departments’ website. Our website is designed to provide information about the Rakovica Police Department and what is happening in our community. The goal of our police department is to provide the highest level of service so that our residents can enjoy the highest quality of life.

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Photo credit - Shield of Serbian Police

January 17th, 2020

Image by Boris Dimitrov via Wikimedia Commons. This image is neither created nor endorsed by Boris Dimitrov in any way. Boris Dimitrov do not endorse me and/or my use of the work in any way.

A street vendor punched a member of the communal police with her fist

January 12th, 2020

A street vendor was arrested because she punched a member of the Communal Police with her fist. The incident was preceded by a discussion and footage circulating on social media shows a communal police officer pulling a suitcase that allegedly contained illegal goods sold by a woman, after which she attacked her.

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Criminalistic Police University - Enrollment 2019

CPA Enrollment 2019.

Become part of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia. The Belgrade Criminalistic Police University has announced a competition for enrollment in the studies of Criminalistics, Computer Science and Forensic Engineering. The competition is open until April 18. Studying is financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia. Enroll now.

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In Memory of Our Fallen Heroes


Slavoljub Bozovic
Inspector of the III Department


Branko Simic
Traffic Police Officer


Dejan Lazarevic


Stevan Sindjelic

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