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Public Order and Peace Unit


Police Station Rakovica Public Order and Peace Unit

In the Department for Public Order and Peace and Other Police Affairs of the Police Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia, for more efficient work, coordination and monitoring, tasks are divided into several narrower units, based on which three departments were formed:

  • Department of Public Order and Peace,
  • Department for Public Assemblies, and
  • Department for Monitoring Police Work on Crime, Assistance and Other Police Affairs.


Department of Public Order and Peace

  • It monitors the state of public order and peace, indicates new forms of disturbances and, on the basis of analytical and statistical indicators, coordinates and directs the activity of police officers in preventing the commission of offenses.
  • Analyzes the timeliness and quality of misdemeanor reports and requests for the initiation of misdemeanor proceedings, the course of misdemeanor proceedings and penal policy in cooperation with the misdemeanor authorities, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Finance.

  • Plans, implements and monitors preventive and operational coverage of facilities and places where most serious forms of disturbances of public order and peace occur by persons prone to committing offenses, in order to protect the life and personal safety of citizens and prevent crimes and offenses with an element of violence.
  • Monitors, analyzes and proposes the necessary measures and actions regarding the prevention of disturbances of public order and peace on a larger scale.

Department for Public Assemblies

  • Plans, organizes and, if necessary, is directly involved in monitoring and securing mass and security complex public gatherings, where it is possible to show violence or disturb public order on a larger scale (work stoppages, strikes, protest rallies, roadblocks, sports, cultural and other manifestations).
  • Takes the necessary measures to timely collect data and information about the organizer, participants, place, time and purpose of holding protest rallies, roadblocks and other forms of expression of dissatisfaction of citizens.


  • Plans, organizes and takes measures to establish contacts with the management of sports clubs and warns them of responsibility for illicit forms of behavior of fans - members of clubs, the possible consequences and requires them to take the necessary measures to combat such behavior, as well as to identify leaders, the most extreme and most aggressive fans of sports clubs and treat them in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Violence and Misconduct in Sports.

Department for Monitoring Police Work on Crime, Assistance and Other Police Affairs

  • They propose and participate in the development of projects on the application of information technologies in work, and especially in keeping records, monitoring the results of work, etc.
  • Monitors, analyzes and directs the work of police officers on the organization and implementation of special actions.
  • Plans, analyzes, organizes, consolidates and improves the sectoral and operational work of the uniformed police in the field of crime prevention, detection and elucidation.
  • Monitors, studies the occurrence of disturbances of public order and peace and committed crimes in trains and facilities intended for railway traffic and proposes measures for operational and preventive activities.
  • Monitors, coordinates and directs the activity of organizational units regarding the provision of assistance (assistance) to state bodies, companies and other organizations entrusted by law with certain powers in order to ensure the execution of their excellent decisions.
  • Observes and analyzes security phenomena and events arising from the activities of sects and other informal social groups.

Source: MIS archive 2004-2008.


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