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Criminalistic Police Gallery


Photo credits: Images by MIA Serbia. "Criminalistic Police" and "Shield of UBPOK". These images are neither created nor endorsed by MIA Serbia in any way. MIA Serbia do not endorse me and/or my use of the work in any way.

The Criminalistic Police Directorate (CPD) is responsible for the state and organization of work on the detection and suppression of all forms of organized crime, for the prevention and suppression of other forms of crime, in this regard, plans and organizes timely information, reporting, coordination of services and operational and technical and tactical measures to clarify and document all crimes, in accordance with the law.

The Criminal Police Directorate has:

  • Anti-Corruption Department
  • Organized Crime Service
  • Drug Enforcement Service
  • Counter-Terrorism Service
  • War Crimes Investigation Service
  • Special Investigation Methods Service
  • Forensic Analysis Service
  • Crime Suppression Division
  • Criminal Intelligence Service and
  • National Center for Criminal Forensics


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