Emergency Vehicles from Around the World

For a long time, I planned to visit a building and see if there was anything from the vehicles for my soul. And so, for my 43rd birthday, I'm returning home from work and I'm wondering if I should treat myself to a bus plus ticket (one more than usual). I decided it's worth it.
From the bus I saw "Colorful" (Skoda Rapid gray). I am impatiently waiting for the bus to stop and open the door. I walked faster than usual so that he wouldn't leave the parking lot and wondered if I would meet someone unexpectedly.
I arrived.
He's alone. He's sleeping. No one close.
I looked at the guardhouse and I wonder if they will chase me again from the parking lot, like they usually do, when I approach the vehicle.
It is forbidden to watch. It is forbidden get close. It is forbidden to take pictures of them.
I looked around once more and said to myself - I will do it - they can chase me. It's worth it.
I took pictures of him several times from close up and from afar.
I happily walked around the building to see if there was anything else.

The story continues on page Fire and Rescue Services Vehicles - 193 (2nd part).


Fire and Rescue Services Vehicles - 193


In front of a building that I don't even know what it represents, and I don't even care, I saw a red firefighter vehicle. Whether it's the first time or not, I wouldn't know, I only know that it's one of the rare times when it is parked. Other moments are somewhere on the street, when in the multitude of other vehicles - ordinary ones, I can barely catch them with my eyes.

Happy that I finally took the time to "hunt for vehicles", I looked at him, a little from the front side, I passed by his left side, pretending not to notice the Someone next to the vehicle.

The story continues on page Fire and Rescue Services Vehicles - 193, with the title Nissan Navara red fire engine.

193 vehicles

Police and Sheriff's Departments Vehicles - 192


I don't know exactly what year it was, but sometime from 2005, I bought police vehicles - plastic ones. I'm sorry that there are no such vehicles in the Serbian language, but only in English. Actually, I'm sorry that there are no such vehicles used by the police here.

A few years ago, I accidentally came across a page with such vehicles on Facebook. Unbelievable. But they are not for sale - I found out from the comments. I left a comment on one of the pictures - where are you so I can come and steal it? It's worth it :)

Now I collect legos.

192 vehicles

Ambulance Vehicles - 194


Citroen 2.0i Emergency Vehicle of The Health Center Zemun, Serbia

This is the beginning of the story about Citroën, Opel Vivaro, Renault, Fiat and Ford ambulance vehicles of Belgrade.

Depending on which story you came across on the website, you could conclude (perhaps) that I don't like to ask for permits to photograph marked emergency vehicles (my definition of emergency vehicles).

After returning from "one walk", between two ordinary vehicles, in the spring of 2022, while I was resting near the concrete, I thought that there are more beautiful emergency vehicles from this one.

194 vehicles

Community Police Vehicles


This is the beginning of the story about the new Communal Police vehicle.

One winter morning, in 2021, I went to work. I'm late, the bus I'm waiting for is not showing up, the only one that can transfer me over the bridge, that is, to bypass the traffic crowd (by the shortest route). I already made one stop because of a fire engine with a ladder in front of Zemun Voluntary Fire Association.

I decided to go via "Mostar". Going down the stairs, with quick steps, on the level below, on the right side, through the glass, I noticed new Communal Police vehicles. I thought it would be nice to be inside and to be able to see it as it is, from all sides, even though it is not my favorite.

community police vehicles