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Images taken by someone else with a link back to their website


Voluntary Fire Department (VFD) "Matica - Zemun", Republic of Serbia

Special thanks to "The Lady in Blue" for letting me see the vehicles from VFD, Zemun (DVD MATICA - ZEMUN). I think it was somewhere in 2018. but now it seems like it was a lifetime ago.


Vehicle of the Sector for Emergency Situations

The vehicle was photographed in September 2021. Special thanks to The PoliceMan who allowed me to photograph this vehicle. What he didn't know was that I would definitely take the picture - with or without his permission. This vehicle is breathtaking :)

This image is not on this website but on SEO website optimization (in serbian language).

Story about underimages

UnderImages are vehicles of emergency services and members of those units. Also, there are pictures of ordinary motorcycles. They are located at the bottom of the page, on the blue line, and are turned upside down, i.e. hooked to wheels or shoes.

The idea is from a free theme, whose link I lost. It was an irregularly shaped decoration that was attached to that blue line as if it were hanging, about 150px wide, approximately.

Each vehicle has a name and surname. If the picture is from someone else, it's easy for me, I just copy the name and add links to the authors of the photos. If I search by myself, then I combine what is on the front and back, a few letters, a few numbers. And for some models, the older ones, there is only the front - the vehicle sign and that's it. It's when I see him on the street - when he passes like lightning ;) or in the parking lot - if he's resting or in the garage, open or closed - if he's sleeping.

The Flag of Turkey

Image by Zachary "Zach" Harden
This image is neither created nor endorsed by Zachary "Zach" Harden in any way. Zachary "Zach" Harden do not endorse me and/or my use of the work in any way.