Questions and Answers about Website Development

You can use Google Calendar (GC) to keep track of all your events that involve your department's daily activities. You can share your Calendar with department's personnel; sync it with a phone or tablet; import events from a different calendar applications like Outlook Calendar or Apple Calendar to your Calendar and link Google Docs (documents, sheets or slides) files with your Calendar events. You can also keep your community up to date with events. Using GC you can also save website disk space. Best of all - it's free. Example of Google Calendar.

You can use Google Forms (GF) to make surveys/polls for your department and/or for your citizens, which you can send to Google Sheets to keep track of your responses. You can also use it as a contact form within your website, for example, look at my contact page. Using GF you can also save website disk space and it's free.

Basic SEO ie. basic search engine optimization is part of on-page optimization. These include: metadata, page title tags, title of text, anchor tag, image optimization, alt tag, text abbreviation and internal link building.
Metadata include: meta description and meta keywords.
Title tag defines the title of the document and it is located in a tab of your browser.
Title text is a better explanation for some part of the text, which is activated when you move your mouse over it.
Anchor tag is the visible text that can be clicked in the hyperlink, so you can "jump" from one part of text to another.
Image optimization is a proper designation and compression.
Alt tag is a word or phrase that tells visitors to the website the nature or content of the image. In other words, if the picture doesn't appear, alt text will appear instead of image. Also, alt text is used by the blind and visually impaired people, to tell them what is in the picture.
Text abbreviation is the explanation for the abbreviation, which is activated when you hover over the abbreviation, then question mark appears next to the arrow. Below abbreviation are dots.
Internal link building are the links that connect pages within a website.

The basic SEO consists of two parts. Part 1 = when creating a website, and Part 2 = after setting up a website on web hosting. Part of the basic SEO are simple banners (a combination of pictures and texts) that are an integral part of each theme.

No. I'm a web developer and not the hosting provider. Honestly, I’m not interested in reselling web hosting and domains. I can suggest few hosting companies if you want, but which one you will choose, it’s up to you. My advice is to do a research and based on what you want, what you need and what you can afford - make a decision, because there are a lot options.

No. Website maintenance is intended only for websites that I make.

Responsive website is a website that is tailored to run on a desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone and so on, at the same time. The easiest way to check whether your website is responsive, is to place the cursor in the lower right corner of your browser until you see the diagonal arrow, then click on the left mouse button and drag the browser window to the left. If you see the whole picture or all of the content, for example, on the home page, then your website is responsive. If you see only the left side of the image or just a part of the text, then your website is not responsive.

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