1. Extra Help, Extra discount

Conditions for obtaining a discount:

  1. Help must come from surrounding departments, either from fire department, police department or sheriff’s department.
  2. 2nd department must be different from the first one.

  3. Suggestion: dig in to wherever you are keeping your data about helping each other for the last 2 years and decide between each other (between the departments) which department will get the biggest discount.

Details for discount:

  1. Discount for 2nd dept. starts 30 days after finishing 1st website and is valid for 30 days; which means that we have to sign contract and you have to send me all needed materials for website in those 30 days.
  2. Discount for 3rd dept. starts 30 days after finishing 2nd website and is valid for 30 days.

And how do we get 45% off?
For example, 1st department is fire department 1, 2nd department is police department and 3rd department is fire department 2. First department - fire department 1 will pay, lets say they chose first package $480. Second department - police department will pay package price - (minus) 20% because they recommended third department - fire department 2. Third department will pay, lets say they chose also first package $480. So, package price - (minus) 45%, because they are recommended department. Conslusion, the third department is the luckiest :)

2. Recommend Another Department

Recommend another department without helping each other and your department and recommended department will get 25% off website development.

Charleston County Sheriff's Office Vehicle 2

Image by Charleston County Sheriff's Office via Charleston County Sheriff's Office Facebook.
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