HTML5 and Wordpress Websites, Downloadable Online Forms


Website Development

HTML5 - static website
Wordpress - dynamic website
Website redesign - responsive


SEO and Banners

On-page optimization
Creating accounts on social networks
Creating simple static/animated banners (.jpg, .png, .gif)


Extra Features

Online Calendar
Duty Scheduling
Intradepartmental Documents
Public Downloads Page


The Process of Making the Website

Defined in an agreement signed in 2 copies.

Step 1

Choose a theme that suits you.


Step 2

After you send me filled data for the website, I will contact you by email to discuss the needs of your department and details that your website should contain. Then I will send you the Project Documentation that will contain all the details of creating a website and price.


Note: you can fill “Order Website” document with Adobe Acrobat using Fill & Sign tool in the right pane. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download it here.

Step 3

After accepting the Project, I’ll email you the contract and invoice. After you return the signed contract and after you pay 50% of advance payment, it is necessary to send me: (a) all the contents of the website (logo, text, pictures, video links), (b) administrative information (login name and password) about the purchased domain and web hosting. You will get an estimate when the website will be finished (c). I will begin with the development of the website (d).

Under the materials I need for website I mean:

  1. All required texts with the links. You can prepare text in Microsoft Word (or OpenOffice Text Document or LibreOffice Writer) or in .pdf using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.
  2. Big photos in the proper format (.jpeg, .png) and photos in .gif format.
  3. Logo and slogan (if any).
  4. Contact information (addresses, emails and telephones of responsible persons and its corresponding positions).
  5. Colors that will be on the website.
  6. Video links.
  7. Selected keywords (if you know).
  8. Social media profiles, if any (Facebook page, Google+, YouTube, etc.)

Accepted formats of materials:

  1. For texts - electronic form (word, excel, .pdf)
  2. For photos – electronic form (.jpeg, .png, .gif)
  3. For videos – Youtube or Vimeo links

Step 4

We (you and I) will check the content and functionality of the website (testing). The entire content of the HTML5 website, you will be able to check on my website, as temporary demo. The entire content of the Wordpress website I will show you through Hangouts, or on your bought domain name if it suits you more - so we can examine the contents and functionality and correct any possible mistakes. After your confirmation and possible corrections I will make the final version of the website.

Step 5

After the 2nd payment (50%), I will set up website on the server (if not already set). Time to set up a website is at least 48h. I’ll email you instructions for updating the website (only Wordpress websites).


Dacia-Duster Fire Truck of Koprivnica, Croatia

Image by JVP Križevci via JVP Križevci.
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