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Website Development and Redesign

Creating new website or changing the layout including adding additional elements, to already made website. If you have a website that is made long time ago or if you want something different choose a theme and package that suits you and I'll adapt existing content to your needs.


HTML5 Static Websites

HTML5 website is a new version of HTML website and can be responsive - adapted to display on a variety of devices (mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer) simultaneously. They are cost-effective and practical. If you don't have a need for frequent changes of the content, HTML5 is for you, because with this type of website you can't make changes on your own. If your changes are once or twice a year such as employment info and dates and if you have changes in line of command or you have a new member to your team static website is perfect for your department.


Wordpress - Dynamic Website

Wordpress is the CMS - Content Management System website. CMS is based on PHP and MySQL. Wordpress website allows you to edit, change, delete, and add content to your website on your own. Wordpress websites can be responsive. If you have need to frequently add new content to your website such as new fires stories for fire departments with text and images than wordpress is best choice for your department. If this is the case you don't have to pay extra money to someone else to do it for you as if it was static website, with wordpress website you can do it on your own.

Sheriffs, Fire and Police Department Extra Features

Extra features are elements of the website that are suitable for each department individually sheriffs, fire and police.
Extra features are survey, fallen heroes page, hall rentals manager, missing persons or most wanted image slider, paypal donations, department statistics, guestbook, unsolved crimes cards, duty scheduling (sign up sheets), department or community discussion forum, public downloads page, departments personnel management (user roles), intradepartmental documents.



Make surveys to improve your website expirience or work.


Fallen Heroes

Display your former members and/or officers killed in the line of duty.


Hall Rental Manager

Manage events and registrations for events with hall rental manager.


Missing Persons or Most Wanted

Display missing persons or most wanted people in mini image slider with most important information.


PayPal Donations

Get paypal donation button to support your website or any other event.


Department's Statistics

Display department statistics such as robberies, accidents, stolen vehicles in percentage for each month or year.



Get guestbook so people from your community can leave messages about website or your work.


Unsolved Homicides Cards

Display unsolved homicides as cards for easy viewing.

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Duty Scheduling (Sign Up Sheets)

Use sign up shhets to organize your department shifts.


Department or Community Discussion Forum

Use discussion forum for your department or community to discuss most importmant things for your department or community.


Public Downloads Page

Display all your forms on this page.


Departments Personnel Management (User Roles)

Give each member of your department different role in editing your website.


Intradepartmental Documents

Make documents, table sheets and forms and share with departments personnel.


Extra Help, Extra Discount

Help each other and get 25% off website development.

Additional Elements for Sheriffs, Fire and Police Departments

Additional elements are elements of the website that are suitable for each department sheriffs, fire and police.
Header image slider, video slider, image gallery, text news ticker or latest news section, local forecast, accordions or tabs.


Header Image Slider

In header images slider you can display the most important news you have.


Text News Ticker or Latest News Section

Display latest news of your department such as coomunity info or weather info or blog posts.


Image Gallery

With image gallery you can display all your images of each department or each occured fire in same year in one place.


Local Forecast

Display forecast of your town so your community can be up to date.


Video Slider

If you have employment recruiting video or an event or educational video such as kids in traffic, you can display it in video slider.


Accordions or Tabs

With accordions or tabs you can display variety information such as latest news, short personnel bios.

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SEO, Social Networks and Banners

On page search engine optimization - SEO is optimizing your website for better search results. Creating account on social networks. Creating simple static and animated banners.



Basic SEO ie. basic search engine optimization is part of on-page optimization when creating a website. What it contains can be viewed on FAQ page.


Social Networks Accounts

Creating account on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest so your community can stay in touch with latest news and announcements.



Creating simple static and animated banners. Banners can be in .jpg or .png or .gif format.


Discount for Website Development

Recommend another department for website development and get 20% off, you and recommended department.

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