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The beginning of the journey is on the page Emergency Vehicles I Like and the 2nd part is on Fire and Rescue Services Vehicles - 193.

Once again I turned behind the corner and looked left at the bus station. Then I looked right as far as the eye can see - more ordinary vehicles. Come on, when I'm already here, I'll see what they have - I said to myself.
Nissan Navara white. Parked on the street in one lane. Awww. He's alone again. He's resting.
I looked at the entrance of the building - there is Someone standing. He's far away, I'll have time to take a picture of the vehicle, if he decides to move toward me. All happy that Someone is far away, I opened my bag, touched the phone with my hand and looked around to check that Someone else hasn't appeared from somewhere. I knew that there was a possibility that Someone can come out of the building, get in and leave at any moment.



I was disappointed in the moment. There's another Someone. He walks one foot in front of the other, and is closer than the other Someone, the one at the entrance.
Now I have to ask.
He will reject me for sure. That requires a written permit in another building and who knows how many days of waiting for an answer. I don't want that. I sighed and slowly started thinking of what to say (when will you do it, if not now; come on Marija, The Man won't eat you, ask and you'll see what happens).
I explained what I needed. He thought about what to answer me. I said - if I take a picture of him, will you chase me? He smiled and after thinking for a second-or-two, he said, go, take a picture of him.
Thank you.
Joy filled my soul.
But I have to hurry, I don't want him to leave before I can pick up the phone.

Densely parked ordinary vehicles don't give me the option to take a picture of the vehicle from the side (where there is a sign to whom it belongs). OK. I will cross the street and take pictures from the other side.
One from the front. One from behind.

Here I am on the other side. Look, there's no sign. Eh.
I took another picture of him in heavy traffic and left more than satisfied.

End of story (I story) - for my 43rd b-day (3rd part).

The Ones you can notice and The Ones you can't

Somewhere from 2017 and maybe even sooner the guards of those parking lots chase me because it's still forbidden. I understand that, but I don't care. I chase what I need.
Sometimes they are not there - very rarely or they don't see me because I hide - unlikely (where can I hide myself this big).
Every trip to "hunt for vehicles" that I might like is a story in itself. Also, coming up with excuses for sneaking around their vehicles is always different. Sometimes I have time to take a good look at them and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I don't even like the vehicle, but I look at it when I've already traveled such a long way.

As one of the members of those units told me - you've had enough of that - referring to the number of vehicles I had seen up to that point.

I smiled sourly and thought to myself - it's not enough for me, I just started and I have no intention of stopping.

It's an addiction :o) but a sweet one.

One asked me if I was planning to buy it.

I laughed.

And no matter what I think of saying, it usually doesn't turn out the way I thought at first, because I get confused and think that I will be shot one day or night (by mistake). I skilfully avoid the security cameras around their buildings, walking one foot in front of the other, slowly, as if I want to enter the building or as if I want to ask something pointless (I don't even know what). I was worried that Someone would appear at the window and spoil my hunt.

Some are in the mood to talk, some are not (rightfully so).

Usually they are like, ughhhh, I just needed you today, so you can bother me with your story (like I have nothing better to do).

Not knowing what kind of damage I could do to them, I was hunting more freely, but now I'm more cautious. I can't say that I don't care, but I still look more to satisfy my desires than to follow their rules.

I don't think about taking photos of vehicles that often. These are very, very rare moments, because there is usually at least "one of them" nearby - The One that can be seen from a kilometer away.

Those who "cannot be seen" surprise me, because they stop me in the middle of sneaking up. I need to look over all ordinary - unmarked vehicles, and find a marked one. Then I feel like I've stolen something, so I am saying it quickly - just to look at your vehicles.
I am greeted by widened eyes as a sign of wonder, questioning looks and briefly - and why?
I have a website so I need it for decoration. I know that sentence alone does not make sense, but I have no desire to explain in detail, unless I am forced to do so. So that, I sound unintelligible to myself and I think what came out of my mouth, because my brain didn't have time to register what I said.
More wondering and rolling of the eyes as they sit in the car and chat among themselves.
Then I know it's time to get out of there as soon as possible (like a wet mouse).

End of story (II story) - vehicle hunting.


Momma's antisocial - at the police station - psychological details

Somewhere from 2017 and maybe even sooner The Guards of those parking lots chase me because it's still forbidden. I understand that, but I don't care. I chase what I need.
Sometimes they are not there - very rarely or they don't see me because I hide - unlikely (where can I hide myself this big).
Every trip to "hunt for vehicles" that I might like is a story in itself. Also, coming up with excuses for sneaking around their vehicles is always different. Sometimes I have time to take a good look at them and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I don't even like the vehicle, but I look at it when I've already traveled such a long way.

At the police station, I repeated the words - with a little addition, while I waited for them to take me wherever I needed to go. A psychologist told me that I'm anti-social - I know, I chose that way. She also told me that I judge people badly - I know.

I continued to tell myself - I don't judge them, I hang out with them. When I realize that I've been screwed, I leave and I analyze things thinking what I can change for some other time.
I'm unsociable for a while. Then I meet new people and hope for the best.

If I give in, if I please, if I turn a blind eye to their things that they could have done to me as friends but didn't, if I put up with all that - I have someone to hang out with. If I say what doesn't suit me, God forbid I say what I need (I don't mean money) - then they disappear, they are gone, "the cat ate their tongue", they are too busy with their lives.

Then it's better to be alone than with such people.

I don't differentiate between family and friends, I don't differentiate between children, I don't have a special story for someone with a higher education, and another for someone with a basic education, I don't divide people by skin color, nationality, etc. and whoever does that cannot be called my friend, nor can we walk down the street side by side.

Mostly, I end up the same.
And I would rather be like that for the rest of my life than to be any different.

As I like to say - momma's antisocial :D


End of self-assessment (III story).


Gray colourful vehicle of the Belgrade traffic police

You can find the introductory part of the story on the page Emergency Vehicles I Like, with the title Community Police Vehicles.

I continued my journey, and I still haven't recovered from the previous photo shoot when I got off the bus at the "Mostar" - on the bridge itself, that is, under the second bridge. Then I took a picture of the gray Colourful - my the most favorite vehicle of the Traffic Police. It is a real rarity to see him parked, and even less to photograph it.

I remembered seeing it parked two or three times. Once, when I was returning home with my friend from the course, at the main bus and train stations. There was a general commotion in the city because a Russian was visiting. We walked across good part of the city center and wondered when and how we would get home. And before I took a step to cross the street, I saw him parked among the "ants" of people. We quickly crossed the streets; in his nearby, I slowed down to have enough time to look at him and wonder for the umpteenth time, how is it possible that only the color can distinguish one and the same vehicle. The same white one, Skoda Rapid, is nothing special. But gray, awww.

End of Gray colourful vehicle of the Belgrade traffic police (IV story).


Police Day on Kalemegdan, June 2019.

I worked as a geronto-housekeeper 24 hours a day. I planned to go to the Police Day, which was supposed to take place on June 16th. On the same day, it was the sixth anniversary of my father's death. I said to myself - "Dad, you are two meters under, and I am two meters above the ground; on the sixteenth of June I will go to the Police Day, and I can come to your place another time. You will not go anywhere, and I would like to look at vehicles".

note remove class moveleft The only thing I had to do was to tell the woman I worked for that I'm going to my father's grave, which is on the other side of the city where I worked. It was necessary to calculate the time I can get there and to get back (through the traffic jam) and to (try to) be back at work at that time.

I got permission to go out and headed to Kalemegdan.
Walking along the main path, I looked at the stands. When at one point, I saw people gathered around a man, chatting, he smiled. I looked a little closer, and to my surprise I realized who the person was. Although I rarely watch the news and read newspapers, I recognized the man around whom there was a commotion. I looked a little to the right and saw the cameraman. OMG, Marija, get out of there quickly. I turned around and with quick steps I walked away from the crowd. I hoped I didn't fall into the range of the camera. I prayed to God that I didn't 😁 I'm at my father's grave, actually. When I was far away, I continued to look at what I came for. Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux Bexing - fire department vehicles. I looked at both, alternately. I couldn't take my eyes off and say which one I like more.
Next to those two, I came across an Iveco Eurocargo 140E24. Black, unusual. Apart from that, nothing is written on it anymore. Lots of kids all around. I looked to see what was inside from where I was standing. It was not possible; then I stretched out one foot in front of the other and started waking away. I'd rather "fall into the ground" than ask - excuse me, can I see what it looks like inside 😁
Somewhere along the way, I came across a white Mazda BT-50, 4x4, and on the side the word - forensics. Meow.
There were also old vehicles as well as newer ones, I don't know the details because these four are the only ones I wrote down in my phone.

However, I prefer to look at vehicles with fewer people around, sneaking around. I ignore people around me more easily - either those who can be seen from a kilometer away, or those who cannot be seen, or some ordinary people passing by. I don't look at the cameras, but I still hope they didn't catch me. I don't know how to describe it - I see what I like and everything else around me disappears. It's different at the fair, there are many more people.

That afternoon, I, who normally don't watch TV and even less the news, watched the news with great attention, still praying to God that I wouldn't appear somewhere on the news.
That day passed. And the next day. The woman I worked for didn't say anything. I was lucky. I escaped it.

What I will remember this day for is that I was soooo white (white as a white cheese 😁) and decided to wear a sleeveless shirt in the sun. For the next few days, I felt the warmth of that hot summer day on my skin; but I was so happy.

End of the story about Police Day on Kalemegdan, June 2019 (Story V).


8 fines on the eGovernment portal

Before my surgery, during 2017., it came to my mind, to cross at a non-pedestrian crossing and thus receive my long-dreamed-of fine, in case I end up "2 meters under the ground". I didn't get a fine, nor did I end up 2 meters underground. My surgery went well.

In December 2022., I planned to treat myself with 4.500 dinars of clothes as a gift for the New Year. I asked myself - Marija, will you be happy with these new things? I won't.

I remembered that on the eGovernment portal, when I made an appointment for a new ID card, I came across everything I didn't need - fines for this, applications for that, vehicles, licenses for security jobs, something for driving schools and more. One day, I decided to make myself a few fines for the amount of 4500 dinars.

I went to the eGovernment portal again and with my personal ID - citizen's unique identity number, went through all the possible fines, taxes, certificates; through the Traffic Police, the River Police, the Border Police, to see what I like and how much it costs.

I chose some smaller amounts and I chose 4 Belgrade police stations. PS Rakovica and PS Cukarica - from my reports, PS Zvezdara and PS Savski Venac (I think, I'm not 100% sure) because of memories of some things from a long time ago. I chose one higher fine - for 2300 dinars, and I thought that was a lot of money for them, I mean, in one place. I decided to reduce it and I wanted to make a mess for them when they post payment orders; because every bill must be the exact amount.

Some time ago - I almost signed a statement to gave up 6 dinars for my ID card 😁🙄
I went to look for the fifth police station, and I thought to myself - well, do they all have to be in Belgrade?
And Serbia? And so I choose 4 cities that I have never heard of. Then I went to google map to see where they are. All of them were on "the southern railway" near the borders. I was glad.


Image credits: Screenshot/

I laughed so much that day. I'm still laughing when I remember.

Since I couldn't go (on foot) to the bookstore and print out the payment slips, I had to fill out all of them. I made a mistake on two more payment slips. So I wrote most of the day. It was worth it. The smile did not leave my face.

In the post office, 2 hours before the end of working hours, I was at the counter for so long because what I wrote was not good. All letters and numbers had to fit in the provided rectangle. Lucky for me, the post office worker retyped it for me. I checked the personal and payer data eight times. I signed eight times and every time I had a smile from ear to ear. In fact, I had a smile on my face non-stop. Thank God for the mask, otherwise I would have to explain or not laugh. It would be a tough choice.

The woman's "eyes fell out" because her computer was slow and everything was according to the "urgent procedure" (to my surprise). I didn't dare to turn around, because I knew that a line had formed, and that people are shuffling from foot to foot and wondering - what has this woman been doing for so long? I paid some more bills and headed home happy, very happy.

The fines are as follows (I have no idea where they went):

  1. Issuing authorization for the movement of crew members who do not have a visa.
  2. Examining files in procedures under the jurisdiction of the traffic police.
  3. Issuance of a certificate of non-punishment for exercising rights abroad.
  4. Extraordinary legal remedy for procedures under the jurisdiction of the traffic police.
  5. Warning for procedures under the jurisdiction of the traffic police.
  6. Permit for movement and for maintenance in the border crossing area.
  7. Issuing the certificate from the records and the means of transport with which it is from - the rest of the text does not fit into the intended rectangle 😁
  8. Fee for the appeal of the authorities under the jurisdiction of the traffic police.

The amount was slightly higher, it was 5010 RSD without VAT.


Flag of Koprivnica-Križevci County, Croatia

The journey to Primosten, through Split and to Koprivnica in search of answers to questions.

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