Emergency Medical Service Vehicles

The story of an older ambulance van

Such a one, which has not faded in my memory, and which I saw in the parking lot of Medical Center Zemun, about 5 years ago, sleeping, without any markings, because it is no longer in use due to its age or perhaps because spare parts can no longer be found for him - I thought then. What would someone say - a wreck from a vehicle, and for me very beautiful and unusual precisely because of that.


Citroen 2.0i Emergency Vehicle of The Health Center Zemun

I looked at him and thought - how am I not going to put it on the website, but since I'm already here why not take a picture of him; there is no one from the emergency services nearby (to stop me in my intention with various questions).
Citroën older model. It's not the prettiest, but he's somehow unusual.

End of story about Citroen 2.0i.


The story about the Opel Vivaro

In that period, I took a picture of the Opel Vivaro from above from the plateau of the Zemun Health Center. The second time I saw him was in the winter of 2022, on one occasion after going down the stairs. Wow. A close encounter. Already tired and frozen, leaning on the concrete to catch my breath, my eyes fall out looking at him. He was beautiful. I was hoping to find him online. He could be shortlisted for 194 vehicles I like page.

Renault, Fiat and Ford EMS vehicles

In the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to see several parked vehicles in one place up close. And while the sun was burning me mercilessly, and while I was taking out the papers needed for the examination, I didn't know which van to look at first. On my right Fiat, marked in capital letters. Right, in front of me, much further, Ford green-red, also an older model. And next to him, Renault, a newer model. I hoped that at least some of them will be there when I'm finished.

I took a "taxi" to my destination. To open the health record, by "taxi", I went to ground floor. While the medical worker was typing on the keyboard, I was staring at the parked vans. All the buzz around me disappeared. Still, I tried not to bump into anyone while I was trying to decide which van to go around when I'm done.

With a bitter taste in my mouth after the examination, I left the circle of Zemun Medical Centre.

After only two weeks, I got another chance to briefly look at the vehicles, which are resting at the same place.
Between doctor's exams and getting the results, I was thinking about, who I will give my attention to, because I know I can only look at one. I decided that it should be a newer model Renault, because I have already seen a Ford in passing while on one occasion I went to check if the old van was sleeping in the same place. He wasn't there. Fiat with capital letters will remain for another time.
I looked at him from the wheels to the roof, then all around, afraid of the questions of those who walk and work there. They didn't say anything and I left already tired.
I had another visit to the buildings of Zemun Medical Centre, and on my way back I saw a FIAT on the street. Wow. My eyes lit up.

The end of the story about Citroën, Opel Vivaro, Renault, Fiat and Ford emergency vehicles of Serbia.


KTM 990 Adventure

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