Fire Department Vehicles

The beginning of the story is on the page Emergency Vehicles I Like (1st part).

I'm visiting for the first time, so I don't know where to go. Looking around, among ordinary vehicles, I came across one - even more beautiful. Nissan Navara red.
Someone is standing next to him, so I kept walking, sad that I can't take a picture and look at him (the way I want). I turned once more to look at him and saw that Someone was walking away from the vehicle. A moment for me and at least one picture. I'm lucky, Someone is not looking, so I took pictures of him several times from several angles. I put the phone back in my bag and slowly started walking away, expecting that at any moment Someone will stop me and ask me - why I took a picture of the vehicle and what my intentions are. I am most afraid of being told to delete the pictures.
None of that happened, so I was relieved.

The story continues on page Police and Sheriff's Departments Vehicles - 192 (3rd part).


Nissan Navara red fire engine

I looked at the back of this stunning vehicle and thought to myself how am I going to take a picture of him without a permission. The joyful moment in which the Someone walks away from the vehicle lights up my face. Once, twice. I looked at the wheels and tires, and thought how I will cut it from the background and how it will turn out when I "glue" it to one wheel on the blue line, although until then I had two wheels on that line.

I didn't make him like the other vehicles, but I'm glad to have it on the website. I am aware that I can't process the photo better at the moment, but I'm also happy that it got its own special page.


KTM 990 Adventure

Image by Petar Rikic via Petar Rikic Oko Svijeta.
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