Vehicles of the Municipal Police of Serbia

Given that I also need a written permission for that and other complications, I quickly gave up on that thought. I swerved to the right behind the corner and walking towards the other side, from above, I looked to the left to see if there was anything for my soul.
I turned to the right and did the same, when I saw him standing trapped in the traffic jam. I took my phone out of my bag and I tried to catch him. The first time - nah, I can't see the back left side from the traffic sign. I moved to the left, making sure I don't hit a passer-by and hoping that the vehicles won't clear, at least for few moments more. The vehicles around him are slowly moving, as is he. I picked up the phone and clicked the button. He leaves and I impatiently looked for a picture on my phone and realized that I succeeded.

I know the rules for taking pictures of marked vehicles, but I don't care about them because I have something else planned.

The end of the story about the new Communal Police vehicle.



KTM 990 Adventure

Image by Petar Rikic via Petar Rikic Oko Svijeta.
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