Terms of the Employment Agreement

And of course, your word, your promises - they have no value. The paper on which it is written, everything we agree on, with both signatures and your seal (if you are a duly registered company) - has value. If that paper contains words and sentences with a hidden meaning - the paper has no value. Words and sentences must be simple, without the need for additional interpretation by an expert, i.e. that they are simple and easy to understand.

If you really respect a person with a disability, you can call me for a job interview. If you respect a Person with a Disability only for the sake of the Law, bypass me in a wide arc.

Conclusion of Respect for Authority and Employment Agreement:

I do not write complaints about your bad behavior to The National Employment Service. Instead, publicly, on my website and/or blog, I write an opinion about you, your company and the experience during the duration of the contract (whether you like it or not). If you planned (or planned in advance) to harm me, and I later find out, in one way or another, that will also be made public.

If you say one thing, think another, plan the third, and do the fourth - I am not a suitable person to work in your company.
If you don't plan to stick to the agreement - don't hire me.

  1. Expirience
  2. Education

1. 2000 - 2008.

Evening News

The Homicide TV show was shown twice on TV. Although I worked the first shift and got up early, I waited until after 11 pm to watch that one tv show (only one). And I took a nap while those annoying kilometer commercials were on (where you can wash the dishes until they are over). I couldn't watch the replay - I was at work.

October 2002 - New Year 2003 - Spring 2003

I'm tired of work. I wanted to quit my job. I didn't want to look for another one. Who knows when I would find it. Would I even find it?
I will-I won't.
A few months before that, the "undertakers" - Public Utility Company (PUC) "Funeral Services" - offered me to go to the spa or to the sea through them. They can't give me a discount because I don't belong to their company, but I can pay in several monthly installments. I will go, and when I come back I will think about what to do. Lukovska spa - 7 days, full board. A room with a view of the hills and the forest (a treat for the soul).

It was a job. Even though I didn't have pension and health insurance, even though I didn't have a monthly bus ticket, the salary was solid (considering the level of education), and the working hours (5 hours at the cemetery + 1-2 hours at Evening News) were ok.
I was still thinking.

I realized that in the city center at every intersection along the street I pass every day, there was one (or two) Traffic Police Officers.
With the sound of the whistle and with their faces, which I hoped would "wipe away" my sadness and pain at the cemetery, as well as occasional military honors and funeral music, I decided to stay working.
Immense sorrow and pain is the same for all; it does not divide people into these and those, like this or like that.

I spent the New Year in Lukovska spa (with people I didn't know) - all public utility companies, i.e. without PUC "Funeral Services", because they started working the third shift.

The beginning of the story is on this page - in experience section (1st part). Education is second part of the story.

COPS and Highway Patrol were on TV. My English wasn't so good for studying at school. I watched the series and lost my breath, literally.

Although you cannot communicate in their native language, you quickly realize that you are in the wrong place and at the wrong time. There, if you want to see the light of day tomorrow (as a person - regardless of your age, your origin and/or your status), it is best to listen to what the Police tell you and advise you.

The story continues on page Books I Love and Ebooks I Have Read (3rd part).


KTM 990 Adventure

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