Disclaimer of Liability for Website and Blogs

You must read the statement

The statement is as follows:g

  • Whatever you read from these documents (hereinafter referred to as "Papers") and/or on my website plus and/or on my blogs is your responsibility, and yours alone.
  • This information cannot replace medicines or therapy for your body conditions.
  • Ask your doctor for examinations, types of treatment and advices on your "body conditions" - health problems.
  • One or more things in combination that you try at home or anywhere else, and cause you an allergy or harm you in any way - I DO NOT BEAR RESPONSIBILITY.
  • I'm not a doctor, I'm not an expert and I'm not telling you what you should or shouldn't do.
  • I DO NOT CREATE DIET PLANS FOR YOU, or anything similar.
    You have to do it yourself.
  • In these "Papers" are my personal experiences and nutrition plans for the coming days.
    So, I tried something, and I still need to try something and see if it suits me.


Before you try anything from my website and blogs, you must read my Statement. At the moment of opening any document, i.e. "Paper", I will consider that you have read my Statement and Disclaimer of Liability which are on my website.

Additional warning:

  • Handle utensils for food preparation carefully - pots, lids, glasses, jars, bottles, cups and the like, and pay special attention when handling sharp objects such as knives, peelers, food choppers and more 😁
  • If you are not an expert to give advice on nutrition, DO NOT DO THAT BECAUSE MANY FACTORS AFFECT ONE AND EVEN MORE CONDITIONS IN THE ORGANISM. Some of these factors are:
    1. food preparation method,
    2. time of eating,
    3. food storage method,
    4. combination of several groceries in one meal, and even in one day,
    5. amount of food intake,
    6. way of taking food - i.e. how you eat food.

For one "Body Condition", for example, Gout, some food may suit you, and for another "Body Condition", it may harm you.


What is a good choice for me may not be a good choice for you. That's why you need to know about basic things - food ingredients, benefits, what to avoid, etc.

Additional Disclaimer of Liability, Statement and Warnings for blogs

You can read the details of these warnings on my blogs, on the About Me pages. One of them is TheMinuette Food Recipes - About.


KTM 990 Adventure

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