Books That Left a Strong Impression on Me

  1. Books I could read again
  2. Ebooks I could always download

1. Books I could read again

Books from "People's Book" and "Official Gazette"

The previous parts of the story are on the page Respect for Authority (1st and 2nd parts). This is the third part of the story.

In the spring of 2003, out of boredom (I was bored with crossword puzzles and magazines), I became a member of the "People's Book" bookstore. For the same reason, I visited the "Official Gazette". I was looking for books of a certain content that I found on the website of the Higher School of Internal Affairs, and I was interested in them. I found little for the money I had, and they didn't have what I wanted.
"Police and Criminal Procedure". five hundred dinars, the first book of this type. One day I went to the Faculty of Law and bought the book "Criminalistics". It will come in handy when I read the books from "People's Book" and later from "Laguna", until I get my next salary.

I mostly read murders and sometimes a completely different book - to cut the first one. Mostly foreign books, 2 or 3 domestic ones (I mean writers). I am allergic to domestic writers - writers in the Serbian language and those school books-lectures that I was forced to read. I only read books up to 250 pages :D in high school that I could read on the bus while going to and from training.

I hid books in my backpack and in the house as if I was smuggling something against the law.
And so, from books (unreal) to books (textbooks) from book fairs, and bookstores with used books - I stayed at work until 2008. It's nice when you don't have to take exams, but what stays in your head stays, and what doesn't remains - you can read again.

Some of my favorite authors (whose books I can read again):

  • Martin Cruz Smith
  • Nelson deMille
  • Martin Amis (Night Train)
  • Keith Ablow
  • Patricia Cornwell
  • Tammy Hoag

  • Henning Mankell
  • John Dunning
  • Jern Lear Horst
  • Andrew Matthews
  • Skulic - Aleksic ("Criminalistics")

The story continues on page TV Shows That I Like to Watch (4th part).


Lying Down Police Officer 2

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