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The Records Bureau is an integral part of the Willingboro Police Department. All records generated by the police officers are sorted, filed and secured within the Records Bureau.

Records are maintained in accordance with NJ State Statutes. Records must be provided to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office or the Willingboro Township Municipal Prosecutor’s Office, defense attorneys, defendant’s who are representing themselves and Willingboro Police Officers when they are scheduled to testify before a Grand Jury or in court.

Reports are available to victims, insurance companies or anyone requesting information under the Open Public Records Act, which is commonly referred to as OPRA.

One of the most important tasks of the Records Bureau is compiling records for the Uniform Crime Report (UCR). A monthly report regarding crime statistics and arrests is forwarded to the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) UCR Unit. All police agencies in New Jersey provide this information. The NJSP then forwards all statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Washington, DC. The yearly crime statistics are made available to all Law Enforcement agencies and the general public the following June-July.

The Records Bureau is commanded by Lt. Chris Vetter, and there are five excellent and hard working employees, Shirley, Cheryl, Bernadine, Wilma and Carlotta.
Officers have the latest technology at their disposal. A live scan fingerprint system was recently obtained and has been great addition for our police department. The live scan fingerprint system has a direct link to the NJ State Police and has helped us identify criminals who provided false names and information. Our patrol fleet has a multitude of specialty equipment that includes mobile video systems, laptop computers with CDMA modems, Lo-Jack, defibrillators, and an Automatic License Plate Reader.