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The Willingboro Police Department’s Bicycle Unit was formed in 1994 with the purpose to enhance our community policing initiative. This unit was the highest priority for the new Director of Public Safety, Benjamin Braxton.

The unit started with only five officers trained, however over the past eleven (11) years over 25 officers have been certified as Police Mountain Bike officers. The department currently maintains 18 bicycles, including the four original bicycles purchased in 1994. The community as a whole has welcomed the bikes into the neighborhoods. Businesses in Willingboro have it possible to sustain the unit by donating bicycles and equipment.

When our officers' first hit the streets using the bikes, we quickly discovered this new unit was going to be an asset. The bikes had a much further patrol area then traditional patrol cars. The bikes could hit wooded areas and lots not assessable to vehicles with stealth and quickness. Patrol officers were able to ride right up to a suspect and arrest him/her many times with the evidence still in their hand.

The slow deliberate patrol technique of the bike officers gave the community a rare interaction with the police department. People in the community were able to approach the officers with no physical barriers, i.e. patrol vehicle doors, and relate there issues with the officers.