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The Field Training Officer Unit is made up of Senior Police Officers with diversified training and experience. These officers are specially trained in tactics, procedures, and personnel evaluation. Field Training Officers (FTO’s) are those officers who are highly motivated and leaders in their own personal work ethic.

The Field Training Program is a sixteen week training program wherein the recruit officer is educated in departmental procedures and practices. The basis of the program is derived from the San Jose Police Department Field Training Program. The program also evaluates the basic training that the recruit officer should have learned while in the police academy.

When not training a recruit officer, a field training officer is seen as a leader amongst their peers. Less experienced officers utilize the field training officer as a mentor and as a example for their career development. Supervisors use their field training officers as a line of assistance to completing tasks and department mandates. Field training officers often instruct at the Burlington County Police Academy for basic police officer training to keep at the cutting edge with instructional techniques.