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Plan and practice E.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills In The Home)

Home fires are a serious threat to your family's safety. About 5,600 people die and over 52,000 are injured each year by fires in residences. Many home fire injuries and deaths are caused by smoke, not flames. A closer look gives an important clue to a way those frightening numbers are reduced. Many deaths and injuries occur in fires that happen at night, while the victims are asleep. A reliable way to awaken these sleepers before the environment becomes untenable would help more people escape un-injured.

Now there is a reliable way. Buy a smoke detector; give it as a present. A new battery twice each year (when you change your clocks) and you will be a part of reducing the national figures of fire deaths.

Plan and practice for a safe escape. Home fire drills may sound silly, and a serious fire is no fun to talk about, but a little time spent selecting escape routes and practicing what to do if the detector goes off may save lives if fire ever comes to your home.

  1. Walk through the main escape route several times. Try it in the dark or with your eyes closed. Memorize the number of steps between obstacles or turns. If a piece of furniture keeps getting in the way, move it to clear the path.
  2. Plan alternate ways of escape from each room. If the main route is blocked by fire or smoke, how would each family member get out? If bedroom windows are too high for safe jumping, perhaps you should buy a rope ladder to keep at a window in each bedroom.
  3. If you must go through a smoke-filled area, crawl on hands and knees with your head low to avoid breathing smoke.
  4. Agree on a place to meet outside the home so you can count noses and be sure everyone is safe. For further information, please contact Haleyville Fire/Rescue or your local fire station.



Haleyville Fire/Rescue


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