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The Investigations Division is headed by Captain Eric Elliot. The Division handles all major crimes against persons and property. The division works all homicides, suicides, robberies, rapes, and violent felonies. It is comprised of different investigation specialties. These specialties include Major Crimes, Computer Crimes, Property Crimes, Identity Theft and Narcotics.

General investigations staff handle the Major Crimes. Many of our Investigators are specially trained in forensic science, latent prints, gang crimes, and crime scene investigations.

The computer crimes unit investigates all matters involving cyber crime and other computer related offenses. Staff assigned to this unit receive specialized training in computer forensics, digital evidence recovery and on line investigations. We are an operational member of the SOVA Internet Crime Against Children Task Force (formerly titled Blue Ridge Thunder).

Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit is assigned to the Investigations Division and is comprised of deputies with experience in street level criminal interdiction techniques. The Unit conducts interviews with persons of interest as it relates to drug investigations. The Narcotics Unit conducts surveillance in areas of high crime and where citizen complaints arise. The Unit utilizes concerned citizens to aid in their investigations and work with outside agencies in cases that go beyond territorial boundaries. The Narcotics personnel carry the title of Investigator.

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