TV Series That I Could Watch Again for The Rest of My Life

  1. Some of the TV series I might watch again
  2. Movies that I will remember

1. Some of the TV series I might watch again

How did the series I watched affect me?

The previous part of the story is on the page Books That Left a Strong Impression on Me (3rd part). This is the fourth part of the story.

At the same time, I lost "time" to watch the series on TV, so I found a solution on the Internet.
Some of my favorite series (which I have watched several times and which I can watch again + what I learned from them):

  1. Homocide - Life on the Street = I have no comment.
  2. Rookie Blue = I have all the seasons on DVD.
  3. Blue Bloods = changed my life, my outlook on things, it made me constantly think and question everyday things in life. Fantastic TV series.
  4. Third Watch = I have no comment.
  5. Chicago PD = no matter what happened, what it means to forgive and why you should forgive (of course only if you love it). It's hard. But somehow in the depths of your soul you find a way.
  6. 19-2 = what is a Social Worker? What is social service? And how nice that job is (actually painstaking).
  7. Chicago Fire = breathtaking. Brings a smile (from ear to ear) on my face. It makes me laugh to tears.
  8. Grey's Anatomy = the best medical series of all time. She taught me many things, made me laugh to tears, made me cry several times, I learned what medical workers are and their different jobs - each significant in its own way. One, among many others that I can't remember now, is the sentence - what would your day be like if you knew it was your last day on earth? (My motivational sentence from 2015).
  9. Suits = what is right? What is a court? What is the law? And how they are also nice jobs 😁 if you love them.
  10. The Good Wife = how good government jobs are, what it's like to be a lawyer and what it means to be a mediator. How difficult it is to be all this and most of all a mediator.
  11. Brothers & Sisters = I have no comment.
  12. The O.C. = how people of different religions can get along well; what is a public defender and what kind of job is it; how people of different social status live and work.

  1. Little Mosque on the Praire = different religions presented in a comical way.
  2. Due South = I have no comment.
  3. One Tree Hill = I have no comment.
  4. Homeland = the same as for Teskilat, only in the American way.
  5. The Secret Life of the American Teenager = I have no comment.
  6. Heartland = I have no comment.
  7. Cops = I have no comment.
  8. The First 48h = I have no comment.
  9. SOZ = how to respect your country and flag, without having to love it and without having to hate it.
  10. Teskilat = the risk and consequences of the work of one who works for his country. And what impact it has on their families.


Screenshot/Youtube - SOZ Tv Show.

In some of the TV series, and from the AA (Anti Alcoholic) meetings, in 2011, while I was on two days of motivation for those who cannot find a job for more than six months, I found out that, the sentence that I knew in English, it actually exists and it reads - God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. I used to believe in that, but now - no. Maybe the time will come when I start believing in it again.



TV series that I watched only once

(I wouldn't watch them more than that)

  1. Mob wives
  2. Shark Tank
  3. The Apprentice

My favorite movies

I'm not a fan of movies, but I can single out 3 favorites:

  1. The Negotiator
  2. Pay It Forward
  3. Patch Adams

My parents didn't have time to talk with me (like my friends with their parents), so I looked for and found advice on life in the series I watched and the books I read.
From some of those series, now that I'm rewinding the film, they taught me:

  • To put myself in someone else's shoes and really see how it would be for me and what I would do in that situation;
  • To always see the good in people despite all the bad sides - that is. that for the bad things they did to me, I would find justification for them and actually for myself - so that I could sleep more easily;
  • To divide things into right and wrong, even when a parent tells me that I can break something and I know that I can't sleep with it;
  • To help others even to my own detriment, to turn a blind eye to the irregularities they did to me even though they had no reason for it;

End of story - My Biography - last part.


KTM 990 Adventure

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