Police Department 1 - $450

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This theme is suitable for police departments, but can be used for fire department or sherrif's department. This theme has 8 main pages: home, departments, community info, online forms, employment, faq's, news and contact; and 19 subpages: about us, patrol, detectives, swat, crime prevention, community policing, emt, bike patrol, motorcycle unit, k-9, internal affairs, records bureau, police chaplain program, field training, school resource officer, citizen's police academy, domestic violence, contact form and links. This theme can have pages/subpages max 40 at this price.

What this theme/package contains take a look at Website Design Price Details page.



police-department-1-01-minHome page with header image slider, latest news section, video slider, department’s statistics (progress bars in Additional Elements document) and social network buttons.

police-department-1-01a-minDropdown menu of Home page

police-department-1-01b-minHeader image slider

police-department-1-02-minDepartments page

police-department-1-03-minDropdown menu of Departments page

police-department-1-03bDepartments Personnel profile page with image slider (if you need one), right sidebar with info that you need such as - news recent post, text news ticker, local forecast, contact us section, social network buttons.

police-department-1-03cDepartments Personnel profile page with video slider

police-department-1-04-minCommunity Info page

police-department-1-05-minDropdown menu of Community Info page

police-department-1-06-minOnline forms page as Public Downloads Page

police-department-1-07-minEmployment page

police-department-1-08-minFAQ’S page with accordion

police-department-1-09-minAccordion for Frequently Asked Questions page

police-department-1-10-minNews page

police-department-1-11-minDropdown menu of Contact page

police-department-1-12-minContact page with Google map and general contact information

police-department-1-13-minContact Form page

police-department-1-14-minLinks page

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