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This theme is suitable for fire departments, but can be used for police department or sherrif's department. This theme has 13 main pages: home, about us, fire communications, divisions, fire safety, our stations and apparatus, employment, news and contact us (top menu) and apparatus & maintenance, fire prevention, customer care and related information (side menu); and 40 subpages: timeline of Brampton FES, fire administration, George Hitchcock, the 911 system and how it works, fire fighting, fire & life safety, fire training, fire/life safety education centre, fire drills, multiple dwellings, child safe & secure, arson prevention program, photo gallery, video gallery, fire prevention week, seniors safety, station 201-213, do you have what it takes, firefighter application process, special care form; and 5 sub subpages: air and light support truck, technical rescue, hazardous materials response truck, command post and rehabilitation truck. This theme can have pages/subpages max 50 at this price.

What this theme/package contains take a look at Website Design Price Details page.



fire-department-1-01-minHome page

fire-department-1-02-minDropdown menu of About Us page

fire-department-1-03-minAbout Us page

fire-department-1-04-minDropdown menu of Fire Communications page

fire-department-1-05-minFire Communications page

fire-department-1-06-minDropdown menu of Divisions page

fire-department-1-07-minDivisions page with latest news section and Facebook like box widget

fire-department-1-08-minDropdown menu of Fire Safety page

fire-department-1-09-minFire Safety page

fire-department-1-10-minDropdown menu of Our Stations and Apparatus page

fire-department-1-11-minFire Stations and Apparatus page with accordion

fire-department-1-12-minAccordion for vehicle descriptions

fire-department-1-13-minDropdown of Employment page

fire-department-1-14-minEmployment page

fire-department-1-15-minNews page with latest news (categories and tags)

fire-department-1-16-minDropdown menu of Contact Us page

fire-department-1-17-minContact Us page

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Squad 55 - 2013 Ford F-350 4x4/CET skid - 250gpm/250gal/8gal foam

Image by Travis Messersmith via Indiana Fire Trucks.
This image is neither created nor endorsed by Travis Messersmith in any way. Travis Messersmith do not endorse me and/or my use of the work in any way.