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Mihajlo, Tinkerbell, Carrot, Gruja, TweetTweet, Boris I, Milica, Happy, Blue I i II

My pets that are gone.

Mihajlo 2014-2022.

I bought him in 2014 after the floods. He was an Australian singing parrot. He didn't have the ability to speak, but that's why he was chirping beautifully - at least that's what the girl told me at the pet shop. He was named after my cousin's friend from Croatia. I had him for 7.5 years. At that time, I had another parrot - Boris II. The two of them were very quiet. I remembered that girl from the pet shop and I thought - what happened with what she said - he chirps and sings beautifully. It was like that until I bought other parrots, and then I was convinced that he had really nice sounds.

We moved several times. He had various friends during his life.

On January 15, 2022, I stepped on him with my slipper - the whole length. In less than a minute he was dead. I screamed from the bottom of my heels. Or was it a scream - a roar. Someone knocked on my door. The woman who recently moved next to me. We didn't know each other. She was in shock - what happened? Who is Mihajlo? I'm on the floor - I want to cry out in agony. It's the time of the corona virus, she thought someone close to me had died.

And he was.

We became friends. Now I have another "good" friend.

He didn't fly away - like some. He didn't die - like some. I killed him.

Boris II, Boris II, Arijel, Jaksa, Iva, Señor Blue III

My pets that i currently have.

Backyard Cats

Cats that I fed through the windows and yard. Cats that I still feed here and there.

Yard and Street Dogs

Dogs that I fed through the gates of houses and on the street.


KTM 990 Adventure

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