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There are 2 fully trained officers of the Willingboro Township Police Department assigned as school resource officers at the Township’s upper elementary school, middle school and high school. These officers are assigned back to patrol duties when school is not in session.

Roll of the School Resource Officer:

  • Prevent Juvenile delinquency through close contact with students and school faculty.
  • Establish liaison with school principal, faculty and students.
  • Establish and maintain liaison between School Security Officers and other SROs assigned to the campus.
  • Inform students of their rights and responsibilities as lawful citizens.
  • Provide liaison between students and social agencies with respect to needed services.
  • Act as a resource to the principal in investigating criminal law violations occurring in the school or on school property.
  • Assist administration and faculty in formulating criminal justice programs.
  • Formulate educational prevention programs to reduce opportunities for crime, violence, substance abuse, and other risk associated behaviors.
  • Participate in parent, teacher, and student association meetings as requested.
  • Participate in campus activities, student organizations, and athletic events when invited and feasible.
  • Present a positive image of law enforcement in the eyes of the students and the community.


Willingboro Township Police Department, Willingboro, NJ 1 Salem Rd, Willingboro, NJ 08046, USA


1 Rev. Dr. M. L. King Jr. Drive
Willingboro, NJ 08046


Dispatch: 609-877-3000
Info Desk: 609-877-2200
Detectives: 609-877-2200
Records: 609-877-2200 
                 ext. 1999
Tip Hotline: 609-877-6958

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