Trying out different blogging platforms with new ideas for content

I don't even know what I have on my blogs. I have tried various blogging platforms. I was a part of some websites about food. I mostly stayed on WordPress and Blogger. I opened them, closed them, sometimes even forgot that I had them. I always had some idea to do this or try that. And if it doesn't work, I'll come up with something else.

1. The Minuette - Food Recipes


Collecting recipes and cooking

When I got fed up with too much salty and sweet food, as well as pies dripping with oil, I started cooking. If the recipe for a sweet cake called for 400g of sugar, I would put 200.
Before about 2017, the pictures of which there are very few are not mine. As for the recipes themselves, they have been collected for years by my mother, from old, yellowed food magazines, printed, now already in another country.
As my curiosity grew and I didn't know what certain words meant, I spent more and more time on Google. Mainly foreign websites, from various American universities, from other blogs, portals and elsewhere, some local - in Croatian, Bosnian or whatever language.

food recipes

from-pomoravka' s-kitchen

From Pomoravka's Kitchen

In Zoka's kitchen, you can find recipes in the following categories: breakfast (400) bread (166) liqueur (54) pie (71) appetizer (230) side dish (146) lunch (600) small cakes (54) savory (41) savory pastry (131) sweet (188) sweet pastry (148) ) Soup/stew (81) cake (45) dinner (150) vegetarian (167) winter stores (77)

Cooking with Zoki

I remember once I came across a recipe, dag there dag here. Eh, I understand what it is, somehow. And then - sour cream. What? So what is that now? At that time, I did not use Google Translate. I googled and found nothing. I continue without taking the recipe. When one day, I come across a forum, someone asks what single cream is. I read further, when it says - sour cream = single cream (a name for the same thing in two languages). It's too late now. Where do I know, where did I see that recipe.

2. The Minuette’s 3 - Babies, Children and Pregnant Women


Something simple that I complicated

After that blog, which was in both English and Serbian, I decided to have one only in Serbian.
If I ever have children, how will I know what I should or shouldn't eat. Also, what babies and children eat. I knew that it differs from country to country, but I wanted to get to know that part of nutrition as well. As I like to say, if it's safe for children and pregnant women, then it's safe for me too :D

The Minuette’s 3


3. School of Tutorials

Searching for pieces of code that work

I renewed the material that I learned on various courses. For what I had neither money nor time, I searched on Google. Click by click, day by day, night by night. How can I do this in Photoshop, Notepad, Xampp, Wamp, Gimp and similar. And all that, if I ever need it again. And yes, many times.


I spent most of the time trying examples that are really well explained, but they don't work for me. Sometimes something, some small part of the code - works. Write-erase.

There is no clearly limited time for which I can tell someone that I will find some element on the website - that it does what it needs to do. Maybe I'll find it, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll find it in 2 days, maybe in 3 hours (if you look at the clock), and it can take several weeks or even months. It depends when I have the will and desire to look for something. How much do I really need or is it time to look for another solution.


4. The Minuette - Inspektor J


About soaps, creams, candles, essential oils

I don't know where, but a long time ago, I read on the Internet how a girl makes soaps.

A few years ago, I started researching on my own about soaps, creams, candles, precautions, necessary equipment, essential oils and the like.

How to make balms and butters & products for face and hair care

Are you interested in making skin care creams and butters? Maybe you are interested in how to make toothpaste and other face care products? Would you like to try making your own shampoo and hair conditioner?
If your answer is yes to any of these questions, read the contents of each document below. If you want, you can download free mini e-books and embark on the adventure of making homemade products for skin, face and hair care.
Just click on the title and a pdf document will open in a new tab.


Balms, salve, ointment, sunscreen cream and butters

Contents: Headache balm, Congestion balm, Balm for dry skin, Body cream butter, Calendula and lavender hand balm (Herb infused oils - recipe follows), Sunscreen cream (protection factor 20), Hot pepper and turmeric pain relief salve, Comfrey root ointment, Plantain wound balm, Eczema cream.


Lotion, toner, mask, exfoliation and soap for face care

Contents: Glycerin face lotion, Calendula cream for face (Herb infused oils), Makeup remover, Panthenol face toner, Exfoliation for restoration of facial skin, Avocado oil mask for dry skin, Kombucha face soap, Toothpaste with bentonite clay.


Mask, toner, shampoo and conditioner for hair care

Contents: For hair growth, Anti-hair loss mask for all hair types, Hair growth mask, Toner for faster hair growth, Hair cream, Liquid hair shampoo, Coconut and vanilla hair conditioner, Shampoo hair cubes, Clay mask for dyed hair, Rosemary and mint shampoo cubes.

For more recipes like this and more info, visit my blog by clicking on the "Inspektor J" button.

Inspektor J

5. The Minuette - Problem Solution

The Minuette - Food Recipes

As a tenant, as a non-schneider, as not a craftsman for this or that, and similar, how can I furnish and make what I want or need for a little money or with what I already have in the house.

My first, more demanding challenge is how to rearrange the kitchen hanging elements? Along with some articles that I read and YouTube videos that I watched and came up with on my own along the way, I made something for myself.

Problem Solution



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